Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pricing Pool Party

It's all about team building at Delta and last Friday we did just that!

We planned a team cookout/pool party

hosted by his house in Peachtree City and we all brought drinks and food!
Leo, the tequila man
Mangala and Melanie chowing ceviche was a hit!

Everyone Had a OO7 pic taken....

...some more convincing than others..These guns were much more squirt and you were soaked...there wasn't a dry person at the party, bathing suit or not!
This may be the jump that caused Scott to sprain his ankle....and caused me to be bringing him ice 3 times a day for the next week!!
"How the hell did I get stuck cooking??"...and serving Cindy drinks all day??" (notice in the background) Things got a little crazy in the pool for a while..the guys made up a game with a yoga ball??
I know what Modica was thinking....
"I can't believe I have to sit here with these idiots outside the office too!"

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