Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cedar Point Weekend

What an AWESOME AWESOME weekend!! We are so sorry that you couldn't make it Brrrrrriam.....but I wanted to make sure you got some of the highlights and photos. and Even though this is posted on the Arnold Blog, I thought I would also like to feature it here.

Bill wouldnt put those damn teeth away all weekend. Barbie declared, "They aren't funny for me anymore, I hate those teeth" Courst the rest of us laughed like crazy.

Tim sported the elvis hair in the pool....t...boy oh boy!

We all had fun hanging out at the "SCHAFNOLD INN" (Schaffner and Arnold houses...get it?)

enjoying good food and lots of laughs!!
I made a DE-LISH dinner on Saturday night.....from that darn Rachel Ray..."Grrrreat! Yumm-o! EVOO! Chop-n-drop!" These "sammis" are soo good though..Ooooh I hate her!! Flank steak gilled rare, with a pear, blue cheese, proscuitto, & arugula salad as a topping for the sandwish.....DE-LISH!!!! "How good does that sound?" (I need to be stopped!)

Those little mouths!! Extree cute, they are getting so big!!

Tyler was even tall enough to ride all the big roller coasters....Noah missed the minimum height by one inch. That puckwaa did leave his "molestor mustache" for Cedar Point. Barbie ran into a future co-worker there and said she really debated even introducing Bill as her husband because of that mustache...she really didnt want to. Here we are waiting in line for our first ride Mellinium Force....Tyler had all the stats for the coasters memorized from the website. (he'd been studdying it for days) He told us that we would be going 310ft high and 90mph. I think he got a little scared looking at that first hill, but he did it!!! We stayed until 1030pm..exhausted, but we had such a great time!!

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