Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh NO, Bad Show !!!

I guess it had to happen....I had such high hopes for the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival . I thought for sure it would be big money for us, and I cant believe we did this, but we didnt even go back for the second day. Of course that means they will NEVER invite us back, but we made an executive decision that we would not want to do another show in Atlanta in August. It was MISERABLY hot and although grant park does have huge trees, (hence the "shade festival" name) we happened to be positioned between 2 big trees, so for the majority of the day the sun was BEATING on us.
If we would have been selling left and right we may have forgotten the heat, but it just wasn't a busy show. We only sold 6 things all day! The next day we felt a little guilty and questioned our choice....but at 4pm when it started pouring down rain, we KNEW that we did the right thing. Oh well, doing shows is really a learning process. We weren't really upset. It wasn't that people didnt like our stuff, it think the heat just kept people away from the show. That or there wasn't much advertising done?? We are doing another show in Atlanta in one month. It is the first year for the Atlanta Arts Festival, but I know it will get a lot of press. It will be in Piedmont Park September 15-17 and weather will be perfect!! Come see us!!!

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