Friday, July 06, 2018

San Diego: Part One (2018)

 It was just me and the two boys travelling together.  Ernesto and Paloma flew out several days earlier because Ernesto had a golf tournament in Vegas and the boys were in British Soccer Camp until that Friday.
We didn't get on the first flight we tried (430p) so I took them to eat at Papi's (Cuban food) and luckily we squeezed on the 630p.  However,  after settling into our seat across, starting movies and waiting to pull out, they announced that the plane had a mechanical and we had to deplane. Nooooo!  (This has actually only happened one other time in my 20 years of Delta travel.)
Well, the good news is that we still arrived that night (although it was late) and this primos reunion happened the next day.
 Things are quite different this year at the Espinoza house.  My in-laws are just completing construction on their little apartment/addition on the back of the house.
They have a 5 bedroom home (where Ernesto grew up) but they wanted to downsize.  Meanwhile, Ernesto's twin sister was living with her family of 5 in a small place.  Sooooooo, they merged!!!

Yes!  Now mis suegras are in the 900 sq foot apartment on the back side of the house (left side in above pic) and although they are not "settled" yet, they really like it!

They actually don't even have their kitchen installed yet, so it is really a family affair in the main house.
Gotta love a big family!!

Needless to say, we have been out and about nearly everyday.  Which, by the way, never gets old in a city like San Diego.  If you have not been, GO!  Its is a perfect vacation spot.
 We hit the beach with primos on day two.

One of my favorite spots is Torrey Pines so we made that an outing with family too. 
The trails are awesome and the views spectacular! (as usual!)
I love these pictures with the kids so small.  Comparing them year after year is amazing.  They just change so much.

 Crab hunting!

After the hike, we took out shoes off and walked the beach back to the car.

It's hard for me to believe that my boys can fight all day, but then look like this at night.
Marcelo TURNED FIVE last week (birthday post here).  We surprised him at a waterslide park and it was a huge hit!!
We did something different for 4th of July this year.

We have made it a tradition to watch the Coronado parade every year, and we still did that the same.

Picked a good spot (after 45 minutes of parking spot hunting!) and arrived JUST IN TIME.

After the parade we walked down to Nicky Rotten's where Cariza's beau Chava works and he promptly got a us a table even though the place was packed.

Fireworks have been tough for us since kids.  Did I want to keep them up until 11pm for fireworks in the past. NOOOOOOOO
However this year, we had the great idea of using our hotel points and stay at the Sheraton Marina & Bay.

Fireworks are set off RIGHT THERE.  Prime seats with NO TRAFFIC or hassle?  Uh...Yes please!
We checked in and hung out at the pool all afternoon.  Then as luck would have it, the hotel was hosting a HUGE 4th of July picnic right on the lawn in front of the bay.

Bouncy houses, live band, grilled burgers and hotdogs and drinks!

Dinner was festive with the bistro lights strung in the trees.
The kids ate while taking in a few rounds of tree climbing.
We hung out until it was time for the FIREWORKS...

We watched a little tv afterwards and were all snoozing quickly. Funny enough, our room was decorated patriotically. So fitting! 

The next morning, the boys were up early enjoying the balcony view.

We grabbed coffee and strolled along the bay.
My little modelista!


I think we have started a new tradition for years to come.

Stay tuned for San Diego: part two as we are staying another couple weeks!! woo-hoo!

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