Tuesday, July 17, 2018

San Diego: Part III

With the new living arrangements at Ernesto's parents house, (and the backyard in disarray from the construction) we found ourselves out and about the city a little bit more that our usual.
It was awesome though, because you will never get bored of things to do/explore in San Diego.  

I mean #1 you always have the BEACH!!!
I can't remember the last time that we actually GOT IN the ocean in San Diego.  It is always so cold! 
This Summer we did!  And although I waded up to my calfs for a long time before submerging my whole body, it was worth the wait and so refreshing!

 Beaches are just the EASIEST, most pleasant way to spend a day with kids. Amiright moms?
Boogie boards!  I played around on one of these for about 30 minutes and had a blast!
 These two spent a loooooong time on the beach collecting these "sand crabs" or whatever they were.

 Beaches were packed and the weather was just perfect.  No shocker there.
Marcelo trying the tight rope....as you can see, it's hard to stay on!
There were a FEW days where the humidity was SOOOOO bad according to San Diegans up a little higher, but NOTHING compared to Atlanta.  Still, we wanted to be in the water!  We discovered a really nice splash park very close to abuela's house-packed up some snacks and beat the heat here a couple days with the cousins. 

This is what Im talkin' about!  They will remember playing with their cousins!  Even though they only see them once or twice a year, it is a LOOOOOONG visit (right Cun˜ada?) and boy do we get quality time!!

The "heat" didn't hold us back.  We  like to  are used to getting our sweat on!!  And we are teaching these kids early, that it's great to EXERCISE!  Look at these 💪!!
 Up Cowles Mountain we go!!
 We never miss a chance for this hike while here.

Baby girl said she was tired during the first 5 minutes 😬 You know what the rest of the hike looked like, right?

 Well, I did say we like a good workout.  Adding 30lbs did take it up a notch!
 In the end, we all made it for the obligatory sweaty victory pic! 
When Ernesto came out here in May (just him and Paloma) he bought an annual pass for the Children's Museum.  Its AWESOME and a great way to pass a half day!

If you know my kids, then you know on a scale of 1-10 their  energy level is an 11!
A new exhibit at the museum had them bouncing off the walls quite literally!  And you know what?  I didn't mind one little bit.
Because the walls were lined with mattresses!! 

This was such a hit, Im considering setting up something similar in their bedroom! 😂

That crazy little girl is right behind her big brothers. I have no doubt she will be the toughest girl in her class.
They did take a physical break at the clay station.

 This truck must have 10,000 layers of paint on it because I have a picture of Mateo doing the same thing when he was TWO!!
 There is a cool tracing station where kids (and adults alike!) can create their own superheros.

 Besides great beer, Stone Brewery has an extensive outdoor area.  The kids were totally entertained by water features and turtles and gravel paths winding around.
 Waterfront Park is such a great place too.  A HUGE playground to run and get sweaty, then water to cool off!

Chaco and Mateo kicked around a small ball in the grass, got sweaty, ran to the water.  Repeat.

I mean you are sandwiched beautiful downtown and the water.  So perfect!

Chaco (George) is the beloved big cousin and these boys want him to play (or sit beside him on tablets) at all times.
 My little blondie!! Mexicana, California girl!!

On days that we did stay at abuelas, we ran behind the house to the school playground.

 Their ears were always peeled for that Espinoza Ice Cream truck.  He made sure to swing by everyday as we were a for sure sale.

How many kids can fit in a kiddie pool?

It may be small but they made good use of it!
Some were more cautious than others.

All the while, Tata was working like a dog! 
They are having the stone patio finished off around the new build so he was prepping the area.
 He received a little help.
 We let him take a couple breaks and enjoy his grandkids (and great grandkid!!) !
There were some arguments and some tattle tale-ing (mostly on our kids-lol) but I would say they did a great job playing nicely the majority of the time!!
 One afternoon, the kids held a "snack stand" to make some money, but Im pretty sure they ate everything themselves.  Weren't too many customers on the cal-de-sac.  😂
 The whole family met out for dinner one night and I snapped this shot of all the kids dressed and excited to see all their cousins!  

Luckily we were in town to celebrate Veronica's (aka tia Vero) birthday.  We had not seen her our whole trip, but on the last weekend we decided to crash her birthday lunch.
 After all that RICOOOOOOO food at TJ Oyster Bar, we headed up to Del Mar to spend our last beach day with Tavo and his family.
A great day, but we had a scary few minutes.
You see.....all the kids were playing in the sand just at the bottom of the hill-not near the water!
Our blankets were at the top of the hill on the grassy area.
Four adults and 2 teenagers, yet it only takes a few seconds to loose site.    All the kids came up the hill. Where is Paloma?  Ernesto and I were frantically scanning the beach (which was SO PACKED!).

I did not allow myself to think anything bad... I told myself she was probably sitting with some kids in the sand. No sooner did I finish that thought and we heard on a loud speaker "would the parents of POMA please report to lifeguard house"

She had come up the hill right behind the other kids, but at the top of the hill took a turn instead of coming to our blanket [straight ahead].  THANK GOD a group of nice ladies asked her where her mami was and called the lifeguards.  She was sitting on a bench with them chatting literally 20 yards from us. 

Since my Delta flights ran out while we were in San Diego (😭😭😭 a whole SAD story) I acquired some buddy passes to get back to Atlanta.  Stand by is just the way to go with my family.  Yes, having confirmed flights would be nice (especially when flights are full-like Summertime to/from San Diego) BUT!!  the flexibility and "no-planning needed" with stand by is just so EASY!
 We had to get up at the a$$ crack of dawn, but squeezed on the first flight and were home by lunch time.  WHAT A TRIP!!! Until next year San Diego.....We will miss you Espinozas!!!

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