Thursday, February 01, 2018

Whats been going on 'round here........

We live 3 miles from Piedmont Park.  I love how quickly we can get to the coolest park in the city. Our goal this particular morning was to feed the patos and Bruno (my brothers dog) wanted in on the fun, so we made a stop at the dog park. 
It's nice hanging out with my baby girl.  She is so fun.  She is so inquisitive (as kids are) and I can actually have a conversation with her. She is so easy. Although she gets feisty and picks up some bad habits from her hermanos, she is generally easy to redirect...which if you have/had a toddler, you know that is the name of the game.

We are always looking for new things to do/places to go and we found a little park/trail close to our house....It had this great little bridge...
 We followed it and ended up at a beautiful lake on Emory campus.
These adventures make me so happy.  I love the outdoors, and there is something about being in the woods that is so mind-clearing.  My kids are happy running and I am happy to see it done OUTSIDE instead of around my kitchen.  
 My mom sewed a few nightgowns for the girls as a Christmas present.  #matching

 It started with Palomas doll needing an outfit, and I guess the extra fabric was calling out for matching nightgowns. Right mom? So cute!

In other news,  this gallery wall at City Issue has me so inspired.
I have several vintage portraits I picked up at an estate sale because "there is something about them that I like" but NOW I know what I will do with them. 

Damn, I wish I could paint like this! Art just makes a space, right?  I follow several painters on Instagram, and love taking screenshots of art that strikes me.  I always think "MAYBE I could do something like that."  I know what I like. Yeah, but...I just don't know ANYTHING about painting something I like.
I have always wanted to try, which is why I finally signed up for a class at Emory.  
When our instructor announced at the first class that our assignment was to paint a self portrait.  I started sweating and told myself to walk out.  ha!  I knew I would not actually do that, but the "I give up" instinct was knocking on my door. 
Are you ready to see my masterpiece?
Brace yourself Cindy 
Hey! He critiqued everyones painting and made a reference to Picasso on this!  That's right!!

Anyhoo, It was only a 4 week class (Four 3 hour classes) but I had such a good time.  Unfortunately this was not a technique class AT ALL, so I need to seek out another class to learn about blending, strokes etc.  It definitely inspired me though!!
Guy Robertson was the teacher, and he was great!

In other old news, Marcelo can't be trusted with scissors. (or many other things) He was due for a haircut.  Over the last year, he has botched his beautiful blondie locks a few times but I just let it grow out because it was a kiiiiinda cute with a clump missing. (#reaching)  But really, I just didn't want to chop off his fine hair.  I thought, let's have it grow out a little and we will go get a proper haircut.  It was super mexi-mullet though and he (and I) was excited for a cut.Cute right? The mohawk was not a special cut, but the stylist slicked it with some product and he was one EXCITED dude!

One week later, I was putting Paloma to bed and hear Ernesto yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"
 Marcelo had taken a pair of scissors and cut his hair to the scalp in.a nice size patch from his forehead down the middle.   God, I wish I had grabbed my camera, but in the moment, I felt like someone had kicked my stomach. UGHHHHHHH! WHY?  WHYYYYYYY would you do that?

Ernesto said nothing else, got out the clippers and bent him over the sink.  He proceeded to shave his head while I stood there silent.  Marcelo was whimpering, upset from papi's discontent.  When Ernesto finished, Marcelo stood up and looked in the mirror.....the BIGGEST smile came over his face as his hand slid over his new do.  Happy with the results, he hugged my legs and went down to bed. 
And here with freshly buzzed hair, we enjoyed our Bucky Bucks date. 
 We are scheduling dates with all the kids for some one-on-one attention.  Paloma gets time alone time with us when the boys are at school, but the boys are competing constantly! 
After seeing Marcelo's fresh buzz, Mateo wanted a refresher on his. UGH!  And here we are....
ps.  Marcelo can't be trusted with a Sharpie marker either.
"I wanted to be a skeleton" he said.
I wasn't that amused when it happened, but boy am I glad I thought to take a picture, because I am really laughing now. Scrubby-scrub!
IT SNOWED IN ATLANTA!  It was a 3-4 inch blizzard that shut the city down for several days.  The boys didn't have school for 4 days
In a matter of a couple weeks, we were enjoying the Spring-like weather out on our front patio. 
Short GA winters for the win!!
Totally random, but- guys!!  I had professionals come clean my house (given as a gift from dear friends) and I was AMAZED at the results.  Guess what?  Im hooked.  I LOVE having a spotless house!
I think it's safe to say that I will never put in the required time/effort to keep a spotless house.  (not one OCD or clean freak bone in my body)  Also, I have never seen my refrigerator this clean...ever! This is a service I can/will definitely get used to! (gracias Lucia y Manuel!)

Lastly, I have to include this picture that Mateo drew.  Awwww the family in our mini-van


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