Monday, January 08, 2018


And yes, I am still alive!  
Alive and kicking. 
But, as you know, the blog has suffered (to say the least).  I VOW though to change that this year!  
Believe it or not, I have had about 10 posts "ALMOST finished" for months. MONTHS I say!

Even when I did have some time, it felt like I would never catch up. And, well, that is just plain discouraging.   So, no we are not caught up yet, but I am going to start fresh this year and backpost the shit out of the last 6 months-ha!! ARE YOU READY??

First off, let's wrap up this thing they call work. WE ARE DONE!  This lighting season took me over the edge.  I literally could not handle things.  ZERO work-life balance for a couple months would do anyone in, right?  (or is it just me?)

We had a record year with Christmas Light Pros (but every year is better than the next so I guess we have that every year-ha!) and I guess I am always surprised by HOW MUCH BUSINESS there is in Atlanta.  New lighting companies are popping up every year, but it doesn't seem to matter to our bottom line.  Even with so much "competition," we are still getting ALL the customers we want.  Referrals are KEY and with our superb customer service (patting my own back-thank you very much) we get a boatload every year. 

Towards the end of the season, Ernesto bought a micro-van to expand the CLP fleet. Ugh, Im not sure how it is that we now have TWO mini vans.
But, here we are.

Back in November when I was up to my eyeballs in lighting, Smita asked about getting us a cabin for New Years and we were ALL FOR IT!
We've rented cabins in GA mountains several times over the years, and it really is a perfect way to unwind after a busy season.
She sent several options, but I was waaaaay too busy to even look at them "Whatever you get is fine with us."

I trust her....and you can see why...
Haha.  It was PLENTY big for our two families. (and probably two more!)
It had an open kitchen to the two-story family room, two master suites with a loft, a bunk room, and a den, another bedroom/bath and an air hockey table on the bottom floor. Plus right outside the door an outdoor fireplace and a hot tub.  (or "warm pool" as the kids dubbed it)
The "warm pool" was a hit, but I think our favorite feature was this two story stone fireplace. A perfect place for a glass of champagne and romance.
These two made sure the fire was burning THE WHOLE TIME! So awesome!

It was three days of delicious food, games, friends, and dancing.

Although it was freezing, we did get out and explore a little.  These guys loved it!

 Mateo on the other hand, drug his feet about even stepping outside and then refused to put his coat on. Whaaaaaat?

He WHINED the whole time to go back to the cabin.  The frustration on both ends was significant. When he angrily ran to catch up with the others and tripped Marcelo, I may have had a bad parenting moment.  Daniel Tigers mom always knows what to say. "When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four."
Keep your cool Cindy.
That's my New Years Motto, same as last year.

We couldn't help but think what a wonderful Summer escape this cabin would be with a big group.  The inter-tubes were right outside the front door.  Plop them in the river out front and head on down stream.  Who is in????

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