Friday, February 03, 2017

SIXTEEN MONTHS {Paloma's Monthly Photo}

Oh my beautiful baby girl! This picture cracks me up.  You are a character for sure.  Learning new things all the time.  Making us laugh daily....And boy, you are on the move!  I wanted to get a sweet smiling picture, but you would not stay in that darn chair long enough for me to get it.  Silly face it is.  Sweet silly smiling face. I don't think I could even count how many times a day I kiss those cheeks. 

*  You are ALMOST not a baby anymore!!!  But yet you will always be my baby!

*  Your hair is growing at record speed and we are loving the "mexi-mullet" that you are sporting. (same as your brothers did-and your papi for that matter)

*  4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom

* You are NOT talking up a storm, but your communications skills are highly effective.  Pointing and saying "da" (translation: that) gets you pretty much everything you want.  You do ask for "agua" by name.

*  You are slowly easing away from the hand signal for "mas" and just yelling in rapid fire succession "MA[S], MA[S], MA[S]"  until we comply with your wishes.

*  You are an eating machine and pack away meat, chicken, beans, cheese sticks, fruits and veges by the tray full.  Current faves include:  blueberries. avocados, frozen peas, apples, cucumbers, beans, cheese, cheese and more cheese.  Also I would be remiss if I didn't mention that you love dipping chips in salsa [with a little kick].  Yes so cliche for a mexicana, but ....

* Most favorite thing by far though is still breast milk. "chichi" is the first word out of your mouth every morning... and I am happy to give it to you baby girl.  I'm *thinking* about weaning to just morning an night but darn it, if you are not persistent, then I don't know who is. ha!

*  You are absolutely and undeniably IN LOVE with your papi.  When I say papi is coming home, you run to the window to see if his truck has pulled in the carport and then wait for him at the top of the entry stairs.

*  Your dancing skills are on point.  I mean seriously.  Rhythm and everything.  You have got Gangnam Style (your favorite song) down and request it by breaking out in the famous arm motion that made this song famous.  You bring me my phone and if you don't break out in Gangnam moves, I have to guess what song you want.  You emphatically nod your head when I guess the right one.  Usually Can't Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake) or Don't Wanna Know (Maroon 5)

* The book reading could go on forever.  My little book worm.  Pajama Time has been your FAVORITE since day one.  Other favorites, Spider Tea Party, Jamberry, Opuestos, Night Night Pookie

*  You want to kiss everyone before leaving for mimis (another Mexicana tradition - your abuelos are going to be very impressed!)

* You love to try and keep up with your hermanos when they are running around, and even though you are frequently plowed down, you are a tough cookie and join back in.

* Besides your tried and true entertainment of mixing bowls and whisks, taking apart mami's Russian nesting dolls, licking the lime and salt from papi's empty beer cans [that you dig out of the recycling -yuck!], your latest hobby is climbing stools (or pushing your chair close) so you can flick the lights on and off. Off and on.  On.  And.  Off already! 

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