Thursday, February 16, 2017

2017 Annual Valentines Day Dessert Contest!

I always think about what traditions my kids will remember when they are older.  My mom had sooooo many when I was growing up.  I know my kids are little, but the tradition making needs to start soon doesn't it?

Well, we have ONE so far! ha

 I definitely want to continue [and want them to remember and look forward to]  our annual Valentine Desert contest.  It started three years ago when Marcelo was a baby.  We had the idea to put the kids to bed and have our romantic date right there at our own kitchen table.  Probably one of our best ideas, because it was so FUN!  We picked separate [secret] desserts, then tasted and judged who won. 
I am 1 for 3.  Wah-wahhhhh.  (First year I won with a molton lava cake. Second year Ernesto made the most amazing tiramisu!  Last year I won again with a chocolate tart.)

This year our THREE judges:
Knowing this made me want to pick something chocolatey, because well, you know, kids loooooove chocolate.  But who am I kidding?  My kids love anything sweet really.
Ernesto is tough to beat, and this year he said I took the "easy way out."  (which should be no surprise to anyone, as this is the story of my life!)  BUT! In my defense, this dessert is something I had been wanting to try ever since my friend Janie told me about it.  

Chocolate Avocado mousse!  And it was delicious, rich and super creamy.  Maybe a tad bit healthy with the avocados??  
Was it simple to make? Yes!  (throw ingredients in blender and wa-la!)  Did my husband spend 4x as long preparing his dessert? this why he won this year?  Maybe.
My kids also LOVE cupcakes!  Which is what papi brought to the table.  Not an ordinary cupcake, but a strawberry shortcake cupcake.  It was unbelievable! 
And oh so pretty! 
So yeah, the votes came in, and he beat me.  (on a side note: Mateo is giving my desert a "thumbs down" but he did scarf one of these ramekins down AFTER the winning cupcake!! #sweetfien

But you know what?  I am not a competitive person in the least.  Seriously. Beat me....just feed me something good! 
Oh! And some flowers would be nice too. 
The ladies of the house were very impressed with papi's picks!
Tulips, ranaculas, hydrangea, sunflowers, daffodils, stargazer lillies.  Maybe a bit overboard...but every girl needs that once in a while, right?   YEEEEARS and years ago, Ernesto did the same thing and brought me dozens and dozens of flowers.  
He does things unexpectedly, and you know me, I love surprises!
Did you guys have a great valentines?  Anything exciting?  Surprises?? Do tell!


  1. Bruno and I watched a movie.

    1. Come down here for the bake off next year tio Brrrian!!

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