Monday, February 29, 2016

San Diego: Part 1

Well guys, our house is not up for sale like we originally planned. We are unsure of what we are going to do. Sell and then buy or buy and then sell.....soooooo we left the painters at our house [to finish what we started] and we hopped a plane to San Diego. LOL
It's hard to tell in this picture, but the fresh paint makes a HUGE difference.
The 8 am flight looked best for stand-by, so we were out the door by 630a. Not bad for us.
Taking a stroller when you travel is always a good idea. I am all for letting the kids run down the concourse with their suitcases, but when you need to get to the gate quickly with toddlers, you need wheels! Also, in Atlanta, you pass through security much faster with a stroller. (Special line!) Had we not been able to cut to the front of the line, we probably would not have made the flight.
I picked up a couple new Imaginext figures for the boys and they were happy. It was also a tactic to keep them seated while we hurried to the gate. It worked.
We promptly boarded when we reached the gate (perfect timing!) Mateo just marches down the isle looking for his seat number. Such a big boy. Marcelo who was following his big brother down the isle, turned to me and hid his face in my legs several times. He was holding up the line. Come on papi, let's go. "But everyone is watching me." He was right. These boys did have all eyes on them....coming down the isle with their suitcases....yeah it made people stare....and smile. It is just so cute right?
They did great on the flight. Books, batman muchachos and an attempt to watch a movie- all made the time pass pretty quickly. Sitting 3 across with their papi. I sat one row in from of them and actually got to watch a movie (The Intern - It was good)
We waited a little bit for mi suegra at the airport. (She IS an Espinoza after all:) The boys were super tired at this point. They used the big cement planters as jumping pads.
Needless to say, I was ready for them to get buckled into the car seats.
The Espinoza family has been dying to meet Paloma, and we wanted them to meet her too! (which is why we left the house situation unsettled)
Abuela picked us up at the airport and went straight for her. "Mi precious a Palomita"
Although they shut their eyes for a little bit in the car, it didn't qualify as a nap. We tried to get them to RELAX on the couch until everyone arrived, but there was too much excitement for sleep.
Oh well. We let them play until they dropped. And they did. Marcelo at 730p and Mateo at 830p. They both told me "I'm tired, I want to go to bed." Music to my ears.
The kids didn't last until Tata made it home from work that first night, but they sure were happy to see him BRIGHT & EARLY. (Kids were up at 430a. They let Tata sleep until 6a)

By 11am, that early wake up time caught up with this little guy.

The rest of the day was a replay of the day before with all the primos again.

They had a blast! It was so fun to watch. Boy I wish we lived by family.
Menudo was on the menu. Who ever thought a cows stomach lining could taste so good?
The weather has been perfect (as we come to expect from San Diego) -chilly in the morning and evenings and warm during the day. My little Mexi-can-a got to model her new hand knit hat from abuela.
Ridiculous! She is just too cute...and getting so big!
Everyday is good enough to be a golf day, and you better believe that Ernesto is taking advantage of that.
Monday. Two days in San Diego and it was time for the beach. Like I said, it has been chilly in the mornings...and that means even more so at the beach. The kids weren't wanting to get out at first.
We had to wait a bit for the fog to lift, but eventually they got out and forgot about being cold.
The beach is totally relaxing now-a-days. The boys play together in the sand and I don't think they fought for a whole two hours!! Well, maybe there were a couple hits when Marcelo smashed some castles, but overall they played really nicely.
It warmed up, the sun peaked through and the shirts came off.
And this little cutie, in her new swim shirt and bikini, was no trouble at all.
I can hardly stand how cute she is!
I think I can handle a few more eels of this life!!
Stay tuned for San Diego Part 2!

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