Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another Sweet Valentines Day (2016)



The day of love arrived. Again.
I know it's a Hallmark holiday, but celebrating the loves in my life always sounds good to me. I really could not have more love in my life.
The boys came home from school with these cute cards for us.
I don't go all out, but I decorated the house a little bit, and bought a few goodies for my babies.
There was actually only a tiny bit of candy in the bag (a red plastic heart full of m&ms) because they get their share of candy on other days. I'd much rather spend $$ on a couple Imaginext figures that keep them busy for hours, than candy that hypes them up for hours [more than they already are].
Besides...there were sweets planned for that evening.
Our dessert contest is becoming a sweet tradition for Valentine's Day. It started two years ago, then we did it again last year. We enjoyed the competition (and spoils!) so much that there was no question that we would compete again this year. So what did we make for the THIRD ANNUAL dessert contest??
Any guesses?
The morning of vday, I still had no idea of what I would make. I knew the queen of baking would have some good ideas, and sure enough, I found this chocolate-raspberry tart by Martha Stewart. Chocolate and raspberries are always good together. I did veer from the recipe a bit when I used ginger snaps to make the crust instead of the vanilla wafers. A good move for sure...it was delicioso!!
Ernesto went with a marishino cherry cupcake. It was delicious...and creative. As you can see in the above picture, this is a serious competition. He is really concentrating on winning.
And the competitors......
"Chocolate is so predictable" he said. But but but...you love chocolate mi amor and I'm making this for youuuuuuuuuuu.
Anyway. I won.
This was the first year that the kids got to join in the judging too and they are really more fond of frosting than cake, so the chocolate prevailed. Also raspberries.
He did win in the cooking department (as usual) and grilled up HUGE steaks from Whole Foods.
The side: sautéed brussels sprouts with garlic, salt and pepper. So. Simple. So. Good.
What a feast! Neto picked up a delish Malbec (my favorite!) and after that was gone he popped the pink Veuve Clicquot champagne. (Thanks Joanne!)
We talked about how lucky we are to have each other and our beautiful babies...AND how fast champagne really hits you (Nesterrrrrr!)
I usually go with a romantic hand written card, but I saw this at Target and knew it was made for me. It's temporarily lost, but I'll add it in when I find it. (It has something to do with flatulence-I know, so romantic!)
That is what got us here. And boy, is it a great place to be.
Happy Valentines Day! Did you guys do anything special?

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