Friday, August 28, 2015

House Stuff

Well, first let me give you the sad update for our dream house. We got an estimate back from our contractor, which was totally reasonable and exciting. BUT! In the time it took us to figure this out, the owner had put up a sign in his yard (unbeknownst to us-or our realtor) "for sale by owner" UGH!!
Of course the house went under contract 8 HOURS after he put the sign up [because the house is FREAKING AWESOME!] So that is where we are. Which is no where! Wha-waaaaaaa
You know what though? I had fun dreaming and imagining about this house for a month, so there is that. You have to dream right?!
The fact that the house went for about $100k over our pre-construction budget (price for land and unfinished house) made it a little bit easier to swallow. Like I said, it was fun while it lasted.
We will still be keeping our eyes open for a slightly bigger house with a yard, but there is no rush.
In an attempt to help me focus on the good of my current house, (and get me excited about it again) I bought a few things.
First! Wallpaper! Back when I showed you my plan for little 1/2 bath redo, I was ready to pull the trigger on this wallpaper from Lowes.
Well, wouldn't you know, it is now discontinued. Ha! It makes me laugh that it takes me so long to make desicions and then this. Oh well. New plan.
I actually stumbled upon another wallpaper at Serena and Lily last week. I immediately liked the design. It's simple. Like, so simple that I could draw it myself if I just painted my walls navy. BUT! The price was so good, I couldn't pass it up. Yes, I made a quick design decision [which almost never happens].
Also, Im afraid painting over my half stenciled wall will leave a texture from the design, so wallpaper is really the best way to go. AND I have been wanting to use wallpaper for years. Did you notice the price? $20/roll reduced from $88! After searching for so long for a wallpaper, I was beginning to think it would be impossible to wallpaper my tiny bath for under $300! My four rolls arrived the other day and it's even better in person. $80 for FOUR rolls!! That is unheard of...if you like the design, there are four other color ways, so check it out! I think it's a really cool graphic design for little investment.
I'm hoping my sweet 'can-do-anything' mommy will help me to install it the next time she is here, as I am a wallpaper rookie. (Also, I can't seem to get things done without her)
Another quick satisfying project I am looking forward to completing is painting my stairwell. It is tall and BORING. Also those sconces need to go.
I love these wide stripes from Honey We're Home.
I am also loving these different sizes...doesn't that look great?! (couldn't find source)
And then there is this. just half black and white.. (again no source)
Now my walls are a light gray, not white, and I dont wan't to repaint it because it connects to all of the 1st floor, but I know it will still look great with black. Which one do you guys like best?
While the kids were in school last week, I wandered (because that is what I do with my free time) into the new Anthropologie at Ponce City Market (have you guys been there yet? So cool!) I love Anthropologie's home decor, and their store displays are always so inspiring. There was a basket of knobs on sale for $2.95/each with an extra 20% off.
Immediately I thought these Clandon knobs would be great for our kitchen refresh project (that has not been started yet)
I know I want brass hardware, and this is actually the shape I was looking for. The brass/iron mix on these is unique, although I may try to do something to the iron side because they have a little reddish tint. As you can see below though, that seems to be a coating that scrapes right off. Hopefully I can get down to a more black colored iron, which would be a great contrast to the shiny brass.
Still $45 for 18 cabinet pulls is a steal, so I HAD to purchase them [even if I wasn't 100% that I would use them].
The other thing that I am trying to procure...
...from Asheville Craigslist (thanks Fenella!) is this vintage Turkish runner for the kitchen. I love having a rug in the kitchen. It's 3x7 feet long and would be just enough dark to my white cabinets. (when they get painted)
I ordered some of this Braemore Jamil Natural velvet fabric too.
I have been loving it for a while but wasn't sure what for...I am still not sure, but maybe if it is in front of me I can decide. I'm waffling between making a removable cover for my kids snack table ottoman or for the awesome parsons chair that I FOUND ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! You saw this right?
Ally, a fellow blogger in Atlanta has a set of two of these that she had recovered in the same fabric. (incidentaly, she also inspired the geode wallpaper that I waited to o long to buy- I can't let that happen with this fabric) Aren't these unbelievable??
Right? RIGHT?? Ok folks, that is all. Have you done anything exciting to your house lately?

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