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We are not reeeally house hunting guys. BUT Ernesto has a little hobby called RedFin. He likes to look at real estate. Once in a while he shows me something interesting.
This mid century ranch came on the market less than a month ago, and I loved the look of it. Of course, it needed updated, but that sounds fun to me. (crazy, I know!) We were out one day and drove by. It was on the coolest street, a cul-de-sac with a handful of other midcentury homes. So cool and just minutes away from Virginia Highlands/Midtown. (ie: ideal location for us)
I called our realtor and we met her the next day to see the inside. Yes, EVERY room needed redone, but it had a FULL FINISHED BASEMENT. (a dream for our next house) Unfortunatley, there was only one room in the house that had any mid century appeal (vaulted ceiling and built ins in the living room).
We walked away thinking, "this could work" but not "let's buy it!" It was cool, but we were not totally in love.
(**House went under contract after two weeks on the market)
While driving a little bit north and looking at some other houses, Ernesto pulled into a driveway. He said
"You gotta see this house! It has been sitting here untouched for several years. I wonder what is going on with it."
The windows!
Walking around the side revealed a full walkout basement and a HUGE yard. (Almost 1 Acre!) The back has a little room of windows popping out...which just needs something more to look complete right? (A covered porch and patio maybe?)
This is what this house looked like prior to 2010.
What a transformation!! Obviously the owner had a great plan to renovate this house and turn it into a modern marvel, but most likely ran out of money. (??) I couldn't stop thinking about it. We contacted our realtor and she actually was able to locate the owner and found out he is willing to sell.
Since it is not listed for sale, our dilema has been, what price would we offer? The comps in the area are for FINISHED houses and an empty lot. (and are right at the top of our budget) We needed to know how much it would cost to FINISH this baby, which is why we are meeting with a contractor next week. Yes, we are serious! If there is any way at all that we can get this house, we are going to do it!
Ernesto is sick of hearing me go on with my ideas for this house...but it's so fun to dream! I don't have my hopes up THAT much, because it does seem like a long shot (too good to be true) BUT.... would you like to do some imagining with me?
Let's start with the front entrance.
Right around the corner from these HUMONGOUS windows is the front door. (which is obviously a dummy stand-in door)
I don't like that the door doesn't face the road, but I can get over that! Look at the ceilings! This would be the most light bright HAPPY space ever!! I think I was standing in the living room when I took this shot...looking into dining area and kitchen I believe.
Yes, I am making up a blueprint in my head, why not? I just can't stop imagining living in this house. We would live happily ever after! Ha! This is standing in the kitchen looking back into the living room.
This is the kitchen. Imagine counter and cabinets under the windows on the walls and a HUGE island....
...facing out to this view!! OMG! Yes, my one acre lot!
Ridiculous!! Yes, this is still in the city of Atlanta if you are wondering!
I never thought I would like a carport so much, but this one is pretty cool.
The entrance through there leads into a laundry/mudd room...and into the kitchen.
Could I handle this vaulted goodness (with skylights!) in my master bedroom? It would be tough, but I'd like to give it a try.
Let's take a look at the basement, which adds over 1000 square feet! Also notice the vintage metal railing, the only original thing salvaged when they gutted this 1963 ranch. I LOVE it!
It is already framed out to add a bath, 2-3 rooms and a great room.
That would leave a good size room (probably unfinished) for storage right there where Ernesto is pointing.
How this gem has sat untouched for years is beyond me, but Im sure there is a reason. Which is why us buying this house is such a longshot, but worth a try right?

So do any of you have any guesses on the cost of finishing this place? Wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall, wood flooring? With those things completed, it would actually start looking like a home. Then the fun could begin with picking out floors, a kitchen, bathrooms, and light fixtures. Oh my! It would be totally crazy and exciting if it worked out. Like I said, I don't have my hopes up TOO high. I have a feeling the seller is not very motivated, because surely he has had other offers. Well, he is about to have one more!! Ill be sure share more details as it unfolds....or just crumbles.


  1. This is a fun house and your renovations are looking amazing. It is never easy to take a house and totally take it apart and put it back together again. It can be very draining for a family. My family chose to renovate while we still lived in our old house. I looks like you did the same. Good Choice.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group

  2. I wanted to just say thank you for letting me post about my experience with a local realtor. They were so helpful in finding us a new home, they even showed up the day we closed with a basket of foods we could eat that first night. They were so kind and considerate the entire process, I actually miss talking with them every day.

    Martin Moran @ Buyers Agent San Antonio


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