Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pre-School Photos

Mateo has been going to The Language Garden pre-school for almost 2 years now and he loves it! It's a Spanish immersion program and I couldn't be more happy with the experience they create for my kid! He has learned so much and made friends along the way. (I have made friends too! I mean, what a great place to meet other mothers.) I am excited that starting in August, Marcelo is going to join his big brother at school and mami is going to have some mornings FREE!! (at least until baby #3 comes)
Mateo had his first professional photo shoot before we left for San Diego. The school brought in a photographer and I was told I could bring Marcelo and hop in a picture with them as well. They turned out just lovely!
I plan on printing some out for family and I am still wanting to put up a family collage of frames going up the stairwell, maybe these beautiful pictures will be the motivation to get started.

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