Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Paul Arnold and all the the guys in my life who are living up to the big responsibility of being a father! My dad is a great person and is very generous to his family and friends. His time is the most precious gift he gives us (this includes his shuttle runs) and we love that so much. He is a funny man and a good friend. He is also a great father-in-law and wonderful grandpa. Thanks dad for all you do for us!
Also a big Happy Father's Day to this guy! He is one popular papi!
Although my little surprise outing at an indoor golf center called Top Golf didn't work out (they don't take reservations, and there was a 4 hour wait!) he loved the idea. Its the thought that counts?! Ernesto is going to check out this place with a couple golf buddies, as this may not have worked out with 2 small kids anyway.
What did work out is a nice lunch in west midtown, followed by a couple hours at the Children's Museum. The boys got their papi a beer making kit, and he was suprised and quite happy with this. He has wanted to try this out for years. I may have thought up this gift, but the boys definitely agreed it was a good one, because Papi. Loves. Beer!
I think the best gifts of all sometimes don't cost much, but you can tell that it is givien with love. I bought this little Father's Day fill in sheet on Etsy for $3 and thought it would be so cute to have the boys fill this out every year for thier papi. Mateo did a great job, and these answers were all his own.
How fun to have years worth of these sweet words. So cute! Marcelo will have to start next year!
Do you guys have any fun traditions for Father's Day or any special gifts that are the same every year?

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