Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thrifting, An Estate Sale and Craigslist

I went to my first estate sale in years, and I kicked myself for all the fun I have missed out on.  The sale was in a mid-century house in the middle of mansions [off Mt Paran Rd-for you Atlantans].  I walked in the house and was immediately saddened to learn that they were tearing the house down to build a.....wait for it....MANSION!  Someone paid $675K just to tear it down.  Such a shame as the house was AWESOME!  

Here are a few teasers, but see the full tour here on Trulia, while it lasts (Im sure it will be taken down soon).

How awesome is that living space?!  Let's move downstairs after dinner to our table in the living room and have a scotch while we discuss politics. UGH! So Mad Men.  So Me!  (not the politics part)   Im totally obsessed now folks.  I really loved the couch pictured above.  It was 103" long and stuffed with down!  So comfy, but would have been a fourtune to recover.  Yes, house was in need of some serious updates, but I would have LOVED to be the one to modernize it.  Anyhoo, house was filled with tons of gems, but many were spoken for/gone by the time we arrived at 1030am.  

Still I walked away this gorgeous Karastan wool rug for $35.  $35!!!!!!

It measures 6x9 and is like new.  Now, I don't necessarily have a space for this, but how could I not buy it when it is worth so much more? The colors are so sweet, it would be great in a little girls room.   (Lucy?- ok actually I don't think I can part with it yet, but let me know if you are interested) 

Also , I could not grab this brass planter fast enough.  It's big!  And it needs to house my fiddle leaf fig...just as soon as I find one at a non-ridiculous price. 


Vintage copper canister set for $10?  Uh, yes.   Also scored 3 glass Christmas trees 

I was scared to take Ernesto with me for fear he might veto something I wanted, but he was happy looking around (he loved the house too!) and he found a new leaf blower for himself so he was happy.  Someone else was pretty happy too. 

While at Goodwill one night, I spotted this gorgeous feather filled sofa in great condition (minus fabric).  SOLD!  Ugh.  I had already imagined it in my living room with navy velvet and cream welting around the cushions. 

Next I found this chinoiserie wood mirror and my heart went thump thump.  Not sold, but I got tired of thinking "where could I put that?"  Im kicking myself now.  Dumb girl.  That could have eaisly been snuck into the attic until I found the perfect spot.  And you always do find a spot if you love it. 

Moving on to Craigslist.  I still have not sold Mateo's campaign bed and chest, which really surprises me.  It has been listed for several weeks, but I have not giving up hope.  I don't really care though, if not sold in the next month, I will donate the bed and probably saw the chest in half so it can fit in a closet.  Waste not want not.

In a more pressing issue, I am trying to negotiate a Craigslist [score of the century] pickup in another state which is proving to be harder than I would like.   My correspondant is dragging his feet a bit, but Im hoping I can sweet talk him into it or as a last resort, offer him a serious bribe.

Are you ready to see it?

Don't curl you nose up yet my friends. It is hard to tell, but these ugly ducklings are actually......wait for it....

The same as these Milo Baughman brass dining chairs.  They are wearing a bad faux leather disguise, but I recognized them instantly.  I can't stop thinking about them.  And the price is right!  I will keep you posted on how this pans out.

What have you guys scored lately?  I would love to hear.

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