Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Plan for the Bathroom

Our little downstairs bath is so sad.  I couple few years ago I stenciled it.  Which in theory doesn't sound too hard.  Problem is that this little powder room has *8* corners.  I got so frustrated I had to stop....for a year.  Later, I was offering my neice money to finish it for me just so it would stop haunting me every time I pee.  I gave up.  Three years later, it is still haunting me.  And at this point I am over the stencil anyway.  I want something new. 

I think we are on the horizon of a new design.  Do you remember this wallpaper?  I showed you this a year ago, after Ally covered her bar area with it.  

Isn't this amazing?!  Here is another shot where you can see it on a full wall.  I can imagine this in my bathroom.  

It's been a year since I first saw those pictures, and I still like it.  I change my mind constantly, so that means something.   This Sunworthy Metallic wallpaper is at Lowes and is only $44 a DOUBLE roll.  Another plus is that it's a washable vinyl.  Although there are so many wallpapers that are better, there aren't any that I have found for that price.  Wallpaper is EXPENSIVE!  

So moving on!

Replacing the sink.  I love the sleekness of this IKEA GODMORGAN vanity and with the 2 deep drawers, we could gain storage in this little bath.

At $429, it's not as inexpensive as you might expect from Ikea, but it is a lot less than others I have seen.  I love the high gloss finish and with some gold hardware, this could look really really nice!!

Besides the ugly, non-practical pedestal sink, this bath still has the "builder special" light fixture. (Seriously, that is the name of it at Home Depot)  

Needless to say, until this thing is gone, there won't be any semblance of a nice looking bath.  It cost $13, which is why it is used by builders no doubt. 

Don't get me wrong, price does NOT make me hate this light. I have found PLENTLY of awesome things for $13 or less.  I just don't like that this is used when a builder is finishing up a house and slapping in the cheapest, most generic fixtures he can find.   I like unique, eclectic pieces.  

One shop called One Forty Three has quite a few that I like.  I love that they are a small company that handcrafts each light.  This brass beauty is so simple and COOL.  (although sold out right now)

Just one I am thinking about.  Something has to be done here soon though.  Here's a pic of the bath in its current state: unfinished walls, builder basic light, pedastal sink.

Oh! And cracked glass on that picture frame too.  Nothing is right!  

Sooooo what do you guys think??  You likey?


  1. I'm into it! Can't wait to see the "after" shots!!

  2. Can I have your pedestal sink? I believe that Paul's Shuttle is branching out to include material deliveries.

    1. Ha! Yes you can have it. Send me you address.


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