Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekly Wishes #8

How is it Monday again?  Let's take a look at how horrible I did in fufilling last weeks wishes.  (Disclaimer: if I continually do not meet goals I may need to rethink this series on the blog.  Could start to get depressing)  What can I say?  but the week just got away from me and then we were in Asheville. 

1.  Drop rug and faux fur bed spread off at cleaners.  I could give excuses and I will.  The dry cleaner I use changed the drop off day for rugs from tuesday to Monday.  My plan was to drop it off Tuesday morning (why would I do it earlier?) and I called just to see what time they was then I learned the news that would make me fail at this wish of mine.  This wish of a clean rug.

2.  Put away the multiple baskets of clean folded laundry that is sitting in my room.  Yes! Success!! There is more on the horizon though.

3.  Organize our office/guest room  Oh I organized, but it is not finished.  

4. Paint twin spindle beds.  Yes!  Sort of.  I painted one bed.  I only need one right now. I should have wrote bed instead of bedS.  Can I still have this one guys? 

5.  List things to sell on Craigslist.  No. And I have no excuse.

Ok.  Let's start fresh...

This Weeks Wishes

1. I will get my rug to the cleaners this week! Damnit!!

2. Get gold flatware out of the box and use it!  I was so excited to buy this stuff [before Christmas] and it has been sitting on top of my fridge still in the boxes.  This must change.  I have decided that eating will be more exciting off a gold fork!

3. List Mateo's bed on Craiglist so I can bring newly painted bed inside!  

4. Set up date for kitchen cabinets to be painted. This is exciting guys!  The house across the street from us [that has been deserted for 5 years] is finally being renovated.  I met the guy who made the custom cabinets and he also refinishes cabinets.  How convenient that his truck just pulled up in front of my house?!   He came over and gave me an estimate and I said yes.  I saw his work and it's good! I don't want to look around and compare, I just want it done!  Oh what a bright difference white cabinets will make!  He was booked all of January, so hopefully next month I will have a "new" kitchen.

5.  Get my compost bin put together Guys, this has been a year coming.  Pallets are outside just waiting to be put together.   I was tossing my compost into a corner of the yard but Ernesto was not down with that.  It is just rediculous that this gardener is not using all of her reusable waste.  Embarrassing more like it.  It's just too easy to not do.  Plus I really liked seeing my bucket under the sink fill up.  The fact that all that will turn into the best soil I could use on my veges/flowers makes composting a no brainer.

Ok that is enough for this week.

I hope you guys have a great week...and get some shit done!!

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