Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

I thought it would be fun to start the new year off with a bit of trivia.  Tio Brrrian came downstairs New Years Eve all showered up and in this new [to him] sweater.  Immediately I thought of a [famous] movie star in one of my favorite movies.  Can you guess who wore this sweater and in what movie?  

Don't scroll yet...just stop and think for a second.  

(hint: pose is also from the movie - hands up...gun pointed at him...running from Tommy Lee Jones???


Maybe I have seen this movie too many times, but it only took me one second to put these two together.

No, Brrrian looks nothing like Harrison Ford...BUT THAT SWEATER!  It SCREAMS Fugitive. 

I'd be curious to know if any of you got this??

Our New Years night was pretty low key.  We hung out at our house with family, friends and neighbors.

The Fu-ga-tive was mixing concocktions using my gold/teak bar set in my new copper mule mugs.  So happy these things are geting some use. 

I was sipping Malbec. (my favorite wine!)  Just a quick PSA:  Diseño is a fabulous Malbec if you are wanting to give this full-bodied, spicy and velvety wine variety a try.  Bonus:  It rings in under $10.

Close to midnight we turned on the tv to watch the ball drop went outside to our neighbors bon fire.  

A bon fire that was very close to our fence, as you can see here.   Too close.  Hey!

 We kept giving Mark a hard time, but really no harm done.  I think our neighbors must miss the days of our yards being open to each other. 

Anyhoo. the champagne popped, and so did the fireworks.  (in the background from downtown)

Kissy kisses and well wishes!

 Welcome 2015!

(sorry for the low light i phone pics, but this is what was handy-per my usual!)

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