Thursday, September 04, 2014

My New Bed + A Thrifted Piece

I thought this bed was THE ONE.

I know many of you saw this bed I bought on Craigslist and thought "What in the hell is she thinking.  That bed is so 80's!"  And I will admit, after it was set up in my bedroom, I had to keep reassuring my self that it could be awesome once it was recovered. 

It's hard to get past the color.  It really takes away from my new beautiful Hague Blue paint job (which is not quite finished-notice the top)

 I loved the shape, but it was the wide set channels that were giving me a problem.  I was second guessing my purchase.  Then one day it hit me and I felt stupid for not thinking of it earlier.  Duh! I don't have to have it reupholstered with the channels, I can have this baby tufted! 

 I have to trust my instincts I guess.  I knew it could be great. 
And to confirm, look at what I just saw...
Look familiar? It's not exact of course, but it could be done to look pretty close.  Restoration Hardware's Churchill Bed  is now selling for close to $5000!!!  

I was so excited that I sent out a few emails to local upholsterers about having the bed tufted.
I was appalled at the response.
One company said $650 + $200 more for tufting.  It's crazy that I am now thinking that is reasonable.  I suppose it is because another guy said $600 originally + $1000 more to tuft.  WTF?  This clearly means that they do not want to touch this project with a 10 foot pole.  Unless, of course, I shell out $1600! Um. No.

I have to say this is discouraging.  I obviously can not keep the bed in it's current state.  Hideous!

I will now start looking for quotes outside Atlanta.   I have been told it is always cheaper to look in the suburbs or a smaller town.  In fact, this may be too far out of town, but I know someone in Canton, Ohio who may want to tackle this easy job for $500 cash!  (you know who you are [mom] and I'll be contacting you soon!)

What do you guys think my dear readers?  Is this bed a diamond in the ruff?  Cool enough to drop some cash invest in? Tufted with nailhead trim??

In other [second hand] news, last week I found this beautiful 3-drawer chest/nightstand at Salvation Army for $50!  It has a really gorgeous finish and the brass detail just kills me.  There is no brand marking on it, but its cedar lined, solid wood, with dove-tail drawers.  A quality piece.

It is big for a night stand, but actually would have no problem standing up to my monsterous bed.  Of course I would then need to search for another nightstand/table of the same height.  Oh will the searching ever end?!

I think we all know the answer to that one.

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