Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Grandma's Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

I love baking.  I just don't like eating everything that I bake, so I don't do it often.  That has to change though, because I want my kids to have the same memory that I do.  My mom always had homemade deserts and cookies for us growing up. I grew up eating these oatmeal cookies (which was actually my grandma's recipe).

I think a lot of times our favorite things as adults tend to be things that evoke some sort of nastalgia.  

But it is more than nostalgia that make these cookies good.  They are cake like, but not heavy.  They have the perfect amount of cinnamon and raisins that will have you eating more than one.

Case in point:  My mom brought a big jar of these cookies to our house this past spring and I ate TWELVE cookies in one day.  TWELVE.

Little tidbit about me:  I have little self control when it comes to sweets/baked goods.  

While in Ohio this Summer (in both June and July) my mom made her oatmeal cookies.

"Grandma's cookies, grandma's cookies" Mateo cried.
Morning. Noon.  And night.  Until they were gone.  Next thing I knew I was pacifying him with a promise that we would make grandma's cookies at our house.   And he did not let me forget.   
Mateo did a great job helping me measure out the ingredients and turning on and off (on and off, on and off on and off) the mixer.  An hour later, we had "grandma's cookies."
 So without further ado, here is the vintage recipe card, straight from my mom's kitchen.

Let me know if you give them a try!

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  1. So cute! This reminds me of a short time when my mom stayed home with my twin brother and sister when they were little and I was in middle school and she made oatmeal cookies all the time. I love the pictures of Mateo and the mixer. I can't wait to see you all next!!


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