Wednesday, August 06, 2014

No Internet - Now That's a Vacation!

Hello everyone!  Things got so busy this last week that I forgot to tell you that we were going on an Arnold family vacation in Ohio.  Camping!  Mohican State Park is about and hour from my parents house. My dad rented a cabin (ok, glamping!) right on the river which has been great.  The other great thing?  No internet and barely any phone service (some texting went through!) Talk about unplugging!

We have been kyaking everyday and doing Crossfit, playing cards, eating well, and relaxing!  
A few miles out side the park there is a McDonalds with internet.  Today I rode my bike with my dad (he is a regular here) just to get a little blog fix and add this pic to my Instagram! 

I will be sharing all the funny pics and details of our trip soon.  I think I will do another video montage (like here and here), those are perfect for recapping a vacation with lots of pics!  

Hope you are having a great week! 

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