Monday, December 09, 2013

My Life [as of late] in Pictures

Since I have been swamped with kids and Christmas lights, I have [obviously] not had any time for blogging.  I thought I would share what's been going on in pictures.
{LED wrapped trees -$600 each-call me for a quote on your trees}

{employee of the year - tio Brrrian}
{at the Children's Healthcare xmas parade in midtown}

{una cerveza, por favor}

{dirty boy after school}

{having fun in the leaves}

{what casa Espinoza looks like lately at 630am}

{neighborhood amigos}
{tree time!}
{future lighting pro}
{Mateo's big boy bed-just flew off once}

{thumb sucker? he hasn't done it since}

{Grandpa teaching Marcelo how to use the ipad}

{missed out on these nightstands while thrifting #kickingmyself}}

{playing at the children's museum}

{waiting for papi to come home}
{finally! some art wall progress and tree is decorated- #ihavethebestmomever}

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