Thursday, December 19, 2013

Art Wall Progress

I know I should be posting pictures of our house decorated for Christmas, but I am a little behind in blogging everything. (imagine that!)  I finally got my mantle to where I like it...curated clutter.

It took me a while to be happy with an arrangement, and then everything had to come down for Christmas!  You might think by the look of these pictures that I keep a clean house.  You would be wrong.  I have two kids and clutter is abound.  I have just shoved everything to the opposite end of the room like so...

 I am excited to share the progress on my art wall project too.  While my brother Brrrian was staying with us and working with Ernesto he pushed me to "just hang one" and get started.  That was the hardest part.  Once I hung the first one, I got on a roll and it started looking so great I wanted moremoremore.  I know art makes a home, but still, I was amazed at how it changed the look and feel of our living room.  I have a lot more to hang.  I want all the space filled.  I am hoping I get something for xmas and I still have to hang my pieces (DIY).  I am excited to finish!  Here is where it stands now.
Christmas decor up next!

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