Monday, October 15, 2012

No-Poo : Week Two Update

Well, I reached the end of week two no-poo, and I am still on board.  No stranger to grease and grime, my hair is holding up quite well.  I would definitely say that I am still in the "funky phase"  (de-greasing?) least I am hoping this is a phase.  

I "washed" my hair 3 times last week with the baking soda & apple cider vinegar (acv) rinse.  Afterwards my hair was soft, shiny and surprise...NOT greasy at all.  The below pics are before I "washed" my hair, 3 days after the last time.
3 days no poo
Not too bad when in the ponytail right?
 Once taken down, it gets a little worse.
looking a little more oily when taken down
And this next one is after brushing with the bristle brush from roots to ends.  A lot.  To distribute the oils. 
Not pretty, in fact, that is downright embarrassing.  Let me just assure you that I did not leave the house looking like this.  If I just put on a hat and you see the rest of my hair, you may be sold.  Look how lush and shiny it is.
Is that a little bit of waviness that I see?
At this point, I really don't foresee the no-poo making my hair curly, but I do think it will be healthier.


  1. hmmmmmm I think i'll try this when my current shampoo/conditioner supply runs out. I know my hair will get oily..ick..but I really prefer to wash my hair with stuff that has the least chemicals as possible, so this sounds like something good to try!

  2. Shanel, That seems to be the main reason why people are using this no-poo. The hopes I had of it curling my hair doesn't seem possible, but Ill stick with it to find out:)


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