Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Atlanta "Pumpkin Patch"

When I did a search for "Pumpkin Patch in Atlanta," my choices were many.......many many miles outside of Atlanta.  What about us folks who don't like to go outside the perimeter? ha!  Just kidding...but seriously, we were just looking for a place with a lot of pumpkins [close by] for our little mexi-can to climb all over.  (We could save the entrance fees and hay rides etc, for another year.)
We found that place at Brookhaven Christian Church  (4500 Peachtree Road 30319) just north of Buckhead.  This is really a public service announcement. The details of this year's sale were not listed on the web,  so I called the church myself....and here you have it Atlantans:  
Sale runs from Oct 14th- 31st.  11am- 7pm. Cash only.
It was great!  Just what we were looking for.  Mateo had a great time running around.  I had to tell him several times that the pumpkins are not pelotas.  (balls-ha!) Crazy boy!
The selection was wonderful and the prices?  Well, is $18 too much for a pumpkin?  Don't answer that!  It was for a good cause.  We were there on opening day and there were rows and rows of every size.  We bought a very tall pumpkin, a fat one and several cute little ones for my dining table.   The church even had photo props! Good times!
Up next!  Pumpkin carving!

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  1. It looked like a fun day.Wish we were there.


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