Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rubbing & Buffing!

Until a month or two ago,  I had never heard of Rub n Buff.  But after seeing so many great transformations from other bloggers, I ran over to Michael's [with my 40% off coupon, of course] and bought a tube of the Gold Leaf.  Then I waited.  What was I planning to use this on again?

Luckily, the perfect project fell into my lap a few weeks ago when I bought these etageres at a yard sale [for $20!]

The original antique finish of gold over brown was just not doing it for me.  I knew I wanted the metal to be gold.  Bight gold!  Gold Leaf even!  Could this be the Rub n Buff project I was waiting for?!  Yes!

This stuff could not be easier to apply.  Now I know there are some "techniques" to applying on larger surfaces, because it does tend to streak, but for the metal bars of my shelves, it was simply rubbing on the gold cream and guessed it...buffing it with a t-shirt.
In this next shot, the top shelf was not rub n buffed yet, so you can really see how the new gold just makes the shelf.  I love it!
I say "it" because I have only finished one shelf so far.  I know.  Im so slow at finishing projects.  Maybe I need my mom to come down again.  (Just kidding mom!  I promise I'll finish it before your next visit!)

I love a good "before & after"  What a difference.
Now to style them.  Honestly Im not sure of what to put on these beauties.  I don't want them to look cluttered.  I will have to play around with it.   Of course there is plenty of inspiration on pinterest if you search "shelf styling".  What can't you find on Pinterest?

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  1. Go ahead!!!! That looks amazing!! Love yeeeeeee! (See? I'm reading! Commenting!)


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