Friday, September 21, 2012

Mateo's Birthday y Mi Familia en Ohio!

Wow!  We have already been in Ohio for a week! Time flies!  Last Sunday morning Ernesto took my baby and flew to my parents house without me.  I stayed in Atlanta to finish selling Zafiro Jewelry at the Atlanta Arts Festival along side Treffry.  We had fun doing our annual "reunion show."

 It was the first time I had a night away from Mateo.  A Sad day. No sir, I didn't like it.

Of course when my family picked me up at the airport Monday, I started crying when I saw my little Matiti.  It felt good that he was happy to see me too!

We spent the whole week getting ready for the big one year fiesta! (with a little bit of thrifting mixed in, of course!)  The party was on Saturday, but since his actual birthday was Thursday, we had two celebrations.  It started with his one year photo session.  My mom's garden was the perfect backdrop.

That night Ernesto made fish tacos early so Mateo would still be awake for his birthday dinner.  I spent several hours that day baking a very special cake...a la Martha Stewart. (white cake with raspberry filling and this 7 minute frosting)  The birthday boy liked it.  A lot!
He opened a present from his papi [with just a little help] and was very curious on how it worked. 
Let the music making begin! 
More fun and pictures coming from the birthday fiesta this Saturday!! 
I can't believe my little baby is ONE YEAR already. 
The.  Fastest.  Year.  Ever!
 Also the happiest days.  Love=Happiness.


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