Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Summer Summertime!

When my brother Bill told me a few months ago that he and his family wanted to drive to Atlanta this Summer to visit us I got very excited!  I absolutely LOVE having family visit.

My dad asked Bill what they wanted to do in Atlanta, he said " absolutely nothing...just relax" and my dad said "well, you are going to the right house." That made me laugh. 
Although we didn't "do" much, we had the best week. We just hung out with the kids all week.  Four adults and three adorable kids!  No obligations...Espinester style!!   We all walked away with a lot of great memories and 5 million pictures to support them.  (Barbie was the original "picture ass" in our family, but I have been hot on her tail for years) 

A big thank you to Bill and Barbie for taking a chance on a potentially hell-ish 12 hour car ride with two small kids.  You did it!  (Now we will expect you here for Thanksgiving:)
Instead of listing all of the "absolutely nothing" that took place,  I thought I would share some pictures:
{morning workout at the olympic track by our house}
{cousins at pajama time}
{beautiful beautiful Eleanor rides Clifford at the splash park}
{Playing at DH Stanton Splash Park}
{The Napping House...Neto joined the kids...daily}
Bill picked up a book to read the kids and it was in Spanish.  He just went ahead and read it anyway.  If you want a good chuckle,  watch this:

{walking to get ice cream and coff coff}
{Mustache munchins}
Poor Mateo! He had just fell and hit his head, but Lukester still wanted him to sit up for the picture.  Barbie made these great mustache shirts for the kids.  They looked so cute in them.  Here we are at the zoo in a shady spot for a feeding break. 

{Merry-go-round at the zoo}
{train at the zoo}
{a goaty-goat at the petting zoo}
Every night we had the kids in bed between 730-830p.  We taught Bill & Barbie a card game [called footy-foot] that we always play with my parents. Teams were in-laws vs. siblings.  Siblings won..that's right!   Our video monitors sat side by side.

Besides playing cards and having a few drinks we laughed our a$$es off.  Have you guys ever played around with Apple's Photo Booth?  Bill started taking photos on his paddy-pad and we could not stop laughing.  Here are some favorites.
What got us started on this (other than being immature)?  Bill pulled up a pic that he had taken of my dad.  We laughed until we cried. 
I know my dad is wondering what we said about him all week.  He'll be happy to know that we had some good laughs at his expense!

Yep, overall it was a pretty cool week.  Take it from this little guy.

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  1. Can't believe how big your niecey-niece is getting!! Time flies. Matiti is getting cuter by the day, if that's even possible. Miss you!!


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