Thursday, June 28, 2012

Selling on Craigslist!

Not only do I scour Craigslist for items to buy, but I also post things I'd like to sell.  Granted, this piece above is in the 'free' section.  Ernesto wanted to just put it in a dumpster, but I told him I would list it as a "curb alert" ie: free.
It is an antique, but how could I ask money for something that has a broken leg and no cushions?  I had such high hopes for this couch when I bought it on Craigslist a back in 2010!  I even went through a whole fabric search and started to take it apart....Ernesto said I would never do anything with it and by gosh, he was right!  (I hate when that happens!)

Anyhoo, I posted this couch at 11:30am today and I was contacted before noon to arrange the pick up.   Done and done!  Furniture really goes quick.  We practically sold all the contents from our first house on Craigslist.  It's so easy.
This lady just bought a plantation house in south GA and thinks this couch (once it is re-done) will be perfect.  Im sure it will.  I still see a diamond in the ruff just as i did when I saw the ad. Unfortunately I paid $50 for it, but Im so glad someone is going to use it. 
Ernesto's trash is another [wo]man's treasure:)

ps.  listing a shaggy off-white rug (5 x 8) tomorrow. 

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