Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You. Are. So. Beautiful.

Today we got another look at our little Mexi-mouth.  At 19 weeks, everything seems to be developing quite well.  Unfortunately, Ernesto couldn't make this appointment, and boy was it the wrong one to miss.  This ultrasound was really cool, way more detailed than the first one.  The tech zoomed in everywhere except the one place I didn't want to see.   I saw the little hands and feet, the spine, legs and a very muscular looking arm!   A future Crossfitter!!

Ernesto kept teasing me that he was going to secretly find out the sex of the baby at this appointment, so Im kind-of glad he didn't go!  Just kidding mi amor!

This profile pic was the best: 
Ernesto first words?  The nose looks big!  (There were more words after those. Ha!!) So what if he/she has a big nose like yours, mi amor??  Just kidding...your nose is perfect! Sometime during the next 10 weeks we will schedule a 3D ultrasound and take a closer look!

When I was laying down for the ultrasound, I couldn't believe how much my belly was popping out.  Love it!

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