Friday, April 15, 2011

The Verdict

Well, as the picture indicates,  we are not getting the house that I showed you the other day.   Remember I said that we offered and they countered us in 4 hours?  It was moving so smoothly....until....they got greedy.  After agreeing (via emails) on all the details, we were due to sign the papers and make it official.  Well, the next morning, instead of the final paperwork, we get a group email stating "We have received multiple offers on this property.  Please submit highest and best offers by noon Tuesday."


How can they accept more offers when we already agreed on the selling price and all other details??  Supposedly our emails prove nothing legally, but how about ethically??  Can you say screwed?! We are pissed to say the least.

This house was not perfect by any means.  There were many changes that need to be made.  Remember the list?  But at 104k, it was a no-brainer.  Apparently others were on the same line of thinking.  Im afraid this will be the case with all of the foreclosures at a steal of a price.  Although this is a buyers market, the competition is tough.  We need to be quick in offering and we need our agent to be on top of the paperwork.  Period.

Ahh...Dissapointment settles in....but I am on my way to being over it.   I'll move on right after I tell off the selling agent.   I will say something along these lines:

Dear J Steadman and Associates Inc.,
Im glad that you are able to overlook any moral/ethical obligation so you may receive 1k more in commission.  You can be sure I will spread the word all over the internet, Atlanta forums and to personally to anyone who will listen.  The public needs to know that your company is not professional, trustworthy, nor ethical.

In the mean time, I will just tell myself that there MUST be something big wrong with this house.   It was on the market for a long time and has had two deals [that we know of] fall through. The house was probably not structurally sound to build the 2nd floor and this is why the owner never finished the staircase.  Yes! That's it!  We would have found out with the inspection, right?  Right!

I know we can find another house that we like just as much or better.  As my sister told me the other day, that's "just my luck."

**Also, last night we spoke to the winning bidders agent and  found out something that makes us feel a bit better:
The highest bid for the house was $20k more than what we offered.
Fine.  Take it.  Goodbye.

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  1. Maybe its not the house meant for you, which is a good thing! A no always brings you closer to a yes, you will probably find something even better now - good luck! :D


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