Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tucson Wrap Up!

After arriving to Atlanta a few days ago and enduring the road trip back from Tucson, I am finally ready to talk about it.  I think road trip actually implies fun, and let me tell you, fun it was not. Hell-ish is more accurate.   After packing up our booth the last day, stuffing ourselves with scrumptious Indian food at Sher-e-Punjab, we filled up the gas tank and rolled out of Tucson at 1230am (EST).    The 30 hours [straight] in the truck seemed like 50 because we were so ready to be home.  It was the sweetest homecoming I have experienced in years.

There was no love lost when we checked out of our temporary home in Tucson either.
Days Inn - bad hotel, great view
I have never been so sick of looking at gems.  10 days in a row. 10am -6pm. Sitting Right. Here.
Nevertheless, sick or not, I had to shop.  The only other shopping i did was at Kamal [in the Holidome]  for all my chain.  My oh my, is gold expensive!  I was in and out.  That show was crazy busy and I was in no mood. I also picked up quite a few 24k gold wrapped pieces from Goddess.   Every time I went to the restroom I had to pass their booth and...need I say more? 

For the gems thankfully, I didn't have to go far. A great selection with the best prices was right there at the True Bead True Blue Show.  Only Beads, the booth where I was working:)
I ventured out with some new gems for Zafiro 2011.  Pink sapphires, london blue topaz, peridot, golden citrine, black spinel and sleeping beauty turquoise, to name a few.  I have many ideas floating around in my head and these little teardrop gems will be so beautiful.

After staring at these all week, I had no desire to check out more shows.  But Ernesto and I did take a day to explore the Electric Park Show, which features many geodes, fossils, furs, skeletons/skulls and a plethora of ethnic vendors selling some housewares and other odds and ends.  A far cry from the sparkles at our booth.

Overall Ernesto and I had a great time in Tucson and we already told Arif that we will help him out at next years show too. I know, I know, the Espinoza's planning a year in advance?  It could happen.

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