Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, I want to give a shout out to the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.  I give 100% credit to this device for such a quick conception!

It's not that we were frustrated with trying, or too impatient.  It had only been 2 months and we were very casual about it.  (No crying when it didn't happen)  As I said before,  I looked on some websites about determining your ovulation dates, but they seemed so involved, (charting temperatures, mucus etc.) and I was not motivated too put this type of effort.  The easier way?   Plug in the first day of your last period to this handy little ovulation calculator.  ha!  This "technical" method did not work.

One of Ernesto's customers that has been with him from the beginning would ask him every year if we were ready to have kids yet.  No was the answer for 7 years.   Finally this year, Ernesto told her that we had started trying last month.  She told him "Oh you have to get this fertility monitor.  My husband and I used it for 2 kids and both times we got pregnant the first month."   Hmmm. 

Ernesto told me about it that night and I looked it up on Amazon.  First I saw the price:  $140. Ouch!   (and that didn't even include the pee sticks)  But then I got sucked in reading the 200+ reviews of women who conceived right away after buying this.  Ok, Im buying it.  Who wants to "try" randomly for months on end?  Not I.  If you know me at all, you know I am an instant gratification kind of girl, and usually if someone/thing is offereing me some help, I will take it.

Just before I was about to buy on amazon, I thought, let me check Craigslist.  Strangly enough, there was only one ad and it had been posted just the day before for only $50.  Just my luck!  I picked it up the next day.

How this little thing works is simple:  When you start your cycle, you push the start button.  On day 6 the monitor tells you to pee on a stick and insert it into the monitor so it can read the levels of htc hormone.  (you will do this at the same time every morning, first pee of the morning)  Each day the monitor will read low fertility.  When your chances are greater for conception it will read high.  The day that your egg has actually dropped it shows a picture of an egg (fool proof!) and this is your sign to get busy.  (or do the "baby dance" as it is referred to online)

Funny story:  We were at my parents for xmas the month I used this.  On day 13 of my cycle, we were up at 4am to go to the airport.  I peed on the stick and and without any "high" warning the day before,  the egg appeared.  Shit!  Ok, ok we will be home in a few hours.  Surprisingly (extreme sarcasm) the flights were full a few days after xmas and we did not get on several in a row.  Waiting...waiting...I thought we were going to have to sneak in the airport bathroom.  Luckily we squeezed on a flight and were home by 2pm.

I added our success story to the amazon reviews the day we found out so I could help convince other women to go ahead and buy this.   Of course if you are reading this, I will just let you borrow mine:)

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