Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finally Feels Like Christmas!

We finally got around to lighting and decorating our Christmas tree.  The Christmas Light Pro had this idea that we would go pick out our tree "as a family" this year (so cute!) but every night when he got home from work, he was too tired to go anywhere.  (understandably so) Then one night I heard his truck pulling in and peeked out the window and saw a huge tree on top of all his ladders.  Yeah!
Ernesto used a mix of big C-9 bulbs, colored mini lights, and warm white LED's.  I had to stop him because there were so many lights/wires, that I almost didn't have room to put on my ornaments.  (Incidentally, our tree fell over the other night.  I think it was because it wasn't in the base straight, but I keep teasing Ernesto that it was because there are so many lights weighing it down:)
500 strands later........
Between you and me, all the lights look awesome.
Mateo is staying awake longer and longer these days and with the recent discovery of his hands it is hard to catch them not moving.  He had fun on his playmat and watched us decorate.  Next year he will participate.
We have really been enjoying our fireplace. The glow of the tree lights and a blazing fire is magical. 
Add streaming Christmas music from Pandora, coffee with our favorite [seasonal] 'peppermint mocha' creamer, and this little guy and life is good.
Did I mention that I love him?

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