Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day.  I hope you aren't working!  
Yet again, someecards has a few great cards to celebrate the occasion.  I'd like to dedicate this first card to my dear husband. ha!  
Does anyone else get a kick out of these?  I always laugh when I read their cards.  Unfortunately that last one really hits home for me, but I have never been one to dwell on the past.  You have to look to the future, right?  BIG plans this fall guys, big plans!

My friend Kate is in town from Haiti where she lives and works for Habitat for Humanity.  We were roommates in Costa Rica, and became very close.  It has been great catching up!  She is in town for one week working at the HFH headquarters downtown (just one mile from our place)  so she is staying with us.  Shopping is a big priority for her while in the states, and I guess I will have to go too- darn it! 

Also while she is here I plan on interviewing her about the last 8 months she has spent in Haiti working 80-90 hours per week on raising money to recover the small country from the disastrous earthquake that hit January 12 this year.  Her work so interesting and admirable.  Plus she has some very compelling pictures to share with us.  Look for that later this week on VivaCindy!  
Reporting live from Atlanta Georgia, this Cindy Espinoza signing off.

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