Saturday, February 13, 2010

Live with Back of the Pack Racing in AZ

Today at noon the "24 hours in Old Pueblo" endurance bike race begins at noon. My brother Tim and his buddies Judd and Ted are founding members of Back of the Pack Racing, and they stoked to start this grueling race. Just as the name suggests, the race is 24 hours long and the goal is to do as many laps on the trail as possible. (each lap 16.4 miles) No sleeping!

It is not only these 3 dudes that are crazy enough to try this, the camp ground is filled with around 1000 people, 1/4 of them being supporters of the racers. Here I am sitting on top of the mountain overlooking the campsite. (in the middle of nowhere)
I have been assigned to blog, tweet and photograph this race from start to finish. All coverage will be on Judd's blog, Back of the Pack Racing so please check there for interviews, updates and tweets. Judd introduces me as guest blogger right here.

Ernesto's assignment is to keep the fire going all night, warm up the chile burritos and have good music blasting when they come into the camp between laps. The challenge for us is far less.

Pre-race videos are now up on Back of the Pack Racing. Check them out here.

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