Monday, February 15, 2010

24 Hour Race Wrap Up

Well kids, if you missed all of the updates over the last few days, the 24 hour bike race in AZ was a success! The Back of the Pack team broke their personal records, and Ernesto and I earned major props for being a terrific support crew to the team. We kept the fire going all night, had the burritos hot when they pulled into camp, made coffee and had tunes blasting (much to other campers dismay) at 6am. More updates and a few more interviews will be posted soon on Judd's blog. I was able to capture some great photos during the race.
{Racers line up at the start for the 500 meter run to their bikes}
{Back of the Pack team with the awesome work shirt jerseys}
{This one is the best, and may be used as the banner on Back of the Pack Racing blog.
They are coming around the 1st lap}
{After the race, Back of the Packers relax with a beer}

Overall, I enjoyed this experience immensely. I vowed to the team that I can be there anytime, any race for just a small fee [to cover the minimal airline costs]. I got some great exposure with my all of my interviews with the members, so hopefully my schedule will allow me to travel with them to upcoming races.

Ernesto and I are very inspired by these amazing racers and would like to pass this probationary status we have now as members of Back of the Pack. We will start saving for the single speed Black Sheep bikes today and promise to never wear spandex alone while biking. (2 of the criteria for becoming a member)

While I wasn't nearly as tired as the bikers after the race, I was pretty darn tired. With only a short nap from 430am-545am, I needed every minute of the 12 hours sleep we all got the next night. I leave you with a couple shots from a beautiful desert sunset and a few ristras from our drive through Hatch, NM, the chile capital of the world.
If you are interested in seeing the rest of the photos from race weekend, here they are:

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