Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Im Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

Ahhhhhh San Diego. Estamos aqui!!  Oh how I love this city!  The fact that we get to spend the summer here is a dream come true!  I have always thought that I am a California Girl.  In a couple months I will actually be able to verify if it is true. Stay tuned!

While here, I vow to really get to know San Diego!  That means you will get to know SD too.  I'm going to do something fun outside everyday.  I mean, why not?  This weather is so motivating.  For me, if it is sunny, I want to be outside. period. 
Ernesto's dad wanted to do a hike Sunday.  In all the years I have been coming here, I have never been to the Mission Trails Regional Park.
Its located about 8 miles NE of downtown.  The park covers  5800 acres and has over 40 miles of biking and hiking trails.   The trail we hiked is called Cowles Mountain Trail, and as the name indicates, you are climbing a mountain.  As you can see below, the trail is dirt with huge rocks along the way.
Although it was only 1.25 miles up, it was a great workout!  It took me 28 minutes to reach the top and I was walking fast.  The view was awesome!  You could see all of San Diego.  The lake in the picture is Lake Murray, which is part of the park.   Id like to go there too.  There is a 3 mile trail loop.  You can also fish and boat.
Pictured: Our brother-in-law Jorge (married to Adrianna, Neto's twin)  with their 3 kids,  Andrea, Jorge and Alex.  Neto's brother Jerry and his Dad. 

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