Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An 8 year [non-celebratory] Anniversary

Haha! I love Someecards - they had plenty of other appropriate cards for anniversaries. We have decided that we will only really "celebrate" the anniversaries divisible by 5. That means Ernesto has 2 years to plan the best surprise vacation for our tenth!

It was a special day without even planning. My parents have been into biking for a while now and have sought out different bike paths in Ohio and they wanted to take us.
We did have to drive about 40 minutes to reach the path, but it was well worth it. It runs from Lisbon Ohio (the 2nd oldest town in the state) to Lithonia (I have no trivia about this town)
The weather is beautiful here now and it is very green due to all the Spring rain. The path is paved and flat, so it's an easy ride. We rode 20 miles.
The trail was mostly in the shade and surrounded by fields. I love the tractor crossing sign.
My parents wanted to take us to a cool place to eat. I was immediately impressed by the Steel Trolley Diner (140 E. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, 330-424-3663) when we pulled up.
I was even more impressed when I saw that this little diner was featured on the Food Network and won the "Best Burger in the Country Award" at the National Hamburger Festival in 2006.
Of course I had to try a burger. The All-American Red White & Blue Burger was tasty. Cooked medium rare and piled with blue cheese. De-lish!Speaking of medium rare, I can eat red meat daily and not get sick of it. Ernesto and I went to a butcher shop by my parents and bought 2 huge porterhouse steaks and some filet mignon for dinner and fired up the grill. We threw zucchini and prosciutto wrapped asparagus on the grill too. Don't be jealous.

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