Sunday, May 17, 2009

Words to live by?

Im so in love with this print from FreyaArt at her Etsy shop. I must buy it and display it on our wall (when ever we get one).

It really sums up the thoughts of a free spirit.

Maybe I am just trying to reassure myself, but I think its ok to not always know what the next step in life is.  Exciting even.  So many options.  

Yes, there is a scary part too, but when I feel that coming on in the future, I will just re-read my new piece of artwork!

Does this speak to you in some way?


  1. I like it Cindy! Think of all the wonderful things you've seen in done in life on the path you've chosen! I admire you for it. :)

  2. Not all who wander are lost.

  3. I don't know, Cindy. Seems kinda fishy to me.

  4. I love it Cindy!!!! I'm gonna remember that...


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