Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Earthquake....WOW!

"Sismo de 6 grados sacude la Zona Sur" dice La Nacion.
So I was sitting at my desk at work was about 4:45pm, when all of a sudden my desk started SWAYING....not shaking. It was very weird and the first few seconds I just thought it was construction, but when a lady ran by my desk freaking out I knew it was more. Everyone started getting up and talking. I jumped up and down and said "wow, that was my first earthquake!" ...."Yes? what did you think?"
I liked it! That was cool!
The local newspaper said it was a 6 on the richter scale....whatever that means.

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  1. wowsers. six is a big one. it comes close to turning sand into someting like water while it shakes.


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