Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As a continuation of last weeks filming, we headed up to an african theme park called Africa Mia in Liberia, about 4 hours from San Jose. A long trip for half a day of filming, but the group was fun and I got my fill of Spanish slang from these boys....yes, I was the only girl. We saw a lot of animals...and it was so much better than the zoo. I really felt like I could have been on an African Safari...not that I know what that feels like (yet!) but it must be something like this....they told us Liberia has a very similar climate so they can replicate home for these animals. The giraffes were my favorite! They are just so big....and graceful....they dont walk, they saunter.We were in two trucks and drove right in by them, they are so cool. They knew their names, and they knew they we had food in the they were in our face!Look at the tounge on Toby...... Here Marco puts down the camera for a minute so he can feed the giraffes too....this is one reason why he needs me, the camera assistant!! I told him I am ready for any job in the future.We were in an open field with some animals I dont know the name of ...elk ...antelope?
Duh! Yes, I know the zebras....They were awesome to watch upclose. I need a high end camera, (or just be still so it doesnt blur!) but I still love this shot with mine. Here is Andres thinking he's cool driving the Land Rover....Monkeys were everywhere along the river, it was cool because many of them had little babies on their backs just jumping from tree to tree, hanging only with their tails. They are so cute!
I never realized how much I love the feathers of an ostrich..hmmmmmm? I love this pic with the duck and ostrich. I know I cut the head off, but Im still learning. is the head...are you satisfied? Had to take the picture of the infamous "CAMEL TOE" Suprisingly, Andres said its the same in Spanish....
And on the ride home we stopped for bathroom and drink break and I actually got to see my first this is not the best picture...but can you spot the toucans in this tree? This is using my 10x zoom. I saw them fly into the tree and got a good look, sorry its not that good for you:(
Here the Habitat crew: Andres, me and Marco

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