Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The other night "the Francaises and the Brasileiro" wanted to make dinner. Maxi, Sebastian and Eduardo picked a dish that is French and served in Brasil too. It is called Cacule (Ka-su-le)Basically a white bean stew with chorizo, chicken, beef, and smoked ham. It was DE-LISH!!! Here the chefs discuss the recipe. Sebastian (in the background) was making a french desert called ??? in French, but it means "floating Islands". It had merangue "islands" floating in a white cream suace serve over warm pineapple slices. mmmmMax had 2 friends who had just arrived in Costa Rica. One from England the other from Norway. They were studying in Minnesota and are now traveling throughout Central America. We had a great time laughing, telling stories around the dinner table. I love an international mix and I really love all the different accents.

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