Thursday, June 07, 2007


Finally, 8 months later, our video footage from India was edited and put on DELTA.COM ….check it out below and click on the stars to rate us !!!!
I am biased, but if you watch the other videos, you'll see that ours is the best!!

I have recieved many comments on the video:

"This is great.. guess you have a new career in the works. You looked great on camera and the video was just like watching some E-channel thing! " -Gilberto Tejera

"You might want to consider going professional - something like a Globetrekker host? " -Debra Gold

"That’s where you bought those ugly shoes. If I saw this video before your interview, I would not of hired you." -Scott Piehl

I just watched the Mumbai video on the Siteseer site and you both were awesome! I rated it 5 stars.....Next time I see you, I will need your autographs." -Julie Dunn

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