Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kelli and Ludacris in One Weekend??

I have to say this was one of my best weekends in Atlanta!! Kelli came down on Thursday and we had such a great time!! I am a cool aunt I have to say!!! We did girly stuff like get our nails done and go shopping. "$20 for a pedicure?" Its funny that even though she was given $80 to blow by her parents, she was still cheap!! We joked about that all weekend! Even when she was sitting in the airport on Monday with 4 quarters in her pocket waiting to get on a flight home. Seriously, I was going to give her some money for breakfast but I forgot!

Brian's friends from Asheville, Greg Cynthia and their daughter Azalea were in Altlanta for a bead show. They run a company Green Girls Studios making beautiful creations...we ended hanging out with them 3 days in a row, I love making new friends!!!

On Saturday we ended up taking the train downtown to a concert in Centenial Park .........

.........and guess who was there??

yes we were there........

But so was ...............
Kelli and I inched our way up to see LUDACRIS and he did not dissapoint!!! We were dancing and singing and of course Kelli is so good using the camera with one hand......look at these great shots!! Thank god for March Madness....It was crazy downtown! The NCAA tournament was going on and we had such a great time.

Yes....she's driving now.................

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