Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pobre Sito Loquito-R.I.P.

On March 29, 2006 my little loquito passed away. He was almost 7 years old. The most horrible part is that the reason he died was probably my fault. Barbie was visiting us for a few days and we made a delicious mexican dinner (tinga). Lupe was sitting on my shoulder and I was chopping onions. Of course he always wanted to eat anything i had, so i let him nibble on one. I left at 9pm for my dance class and when I came home I scream "hola loquito" (as I always did) I didnt hear him...he usually squacks back. I didnt see him in the cage, or on top. So I started calling for him.....nothing. I looked a little closer at the cage and saw him cuddled in the blanket on top, his head and half of his body was snuggled in. I said to Neto and Barbie "Ay, look how cute, little loquito is cuddling in the blanket." I went to pet him and he didnt move. I screamed and Neto jumped off the couch. I left the room crying, I couldnt look while he opened the blanket.....he was gone. I couldnt figure it out, he was fine when I left. It had to be the onion, Barbie said that onion is toxic in cats and dogs. I googled it and found that to be rare with birds, but possible. I have had pet birds for 15 years and never heard that. I miss him so much. I do still have the two little parakeets, but its not the same. Pobre sito Loquito........lo siento.

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