Monday, May 01, 2006

Launch of Pluma Jewelry

Pluma jewelry was started in at the beginning of 2006. My cousins wife, Treffry, and I had met several years ago and saw eachother at some family functions. We really hit it off at one wedding when we were seated at the same table. We discovered we have similar style and interests so we chatted the night away. Later that year our families got togerther for thanksgiving and she really loved the necklace i was wearing. She said she had made some necklaces in the past and would like to get back into it.
We really fed off eachothers ideas and excitement... so Pluma Jewelry evolved. Our first appearance was at Inman Park Art Festival in Atlanta in April 2006. We were so happy with people's reactions! They loved our jewelry and loved our display. We painted the branches silver and hung necklaces from them. It was such a success gave us the encouragement and confidence we needed to create our business. Below are a few shots:

A very very sucessful show!!!!

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