Friday, September 22, 2017

Mateo Turns SIX!

My biggest baby is SIX! 
It's crazy how much this guy has changed...even in just the last year.  The chubbiness is gone - he moves way too fasst/too much for that.  The hair is actually gone now too.  (The day after his birthday tio Brrrian shaved it!)  He looks so much older now.  Noooooooooooo.  
Ernesto added the mustache and it reeeeeee-aly aged him. 😂
Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon. I don't understand, but it's the craze this year.
Horrible blurry pictures, but at 630am this is what you get. 

Because his birthday was on a Wednesday, I planned a little get together at his soccer practice.  It was at a park with a playground and could not have been better.  Easy for mami and a blast for the kids! 
Pokemon was the theme (his latest obsession).
I threw up my little folding table, bought balloons, a piñata, cupcakes and drinks.  Done and DONE!
We usually throw more elaborate [food] parties at our house, so this was kind of an aaahaa moment.  Note to self: sometimes simple store bought parties are in order...and just as successful!

The kids were running all over the place and adults were able to hang out! 

Thanks for the soccer jersey Federiccis!
Did we bring a piñata to the park you ask?
Uh...... hello?
Most of the usual suspects made it to the party.

My parents flew down and it just so happens grandparents day was supposed to be the day after, but ended up being rescheduled due to a water leak.  We went anyway:)

Before heading over to the school, Paloma and grandma baked "Grandma's cookies" (oatmeal) 
 Mateo was excited to pass them out to his classmates as a birthday treat.
 His teacher Ms. Pettitt begged to keep all the extras. ha!

Tio Brrrian drove down from Asheville...
 Of COURSE I love having him at our house, but he is always encouraging shaving the heads.
For the record, I love shaved/bald heads on adults, but on my little boys, it's not my preference.  Of course my babies are gorgeous with or without hair (#biased) but it makes them look so much older with short cuts. Do you find that with your kids too?

Oh well.  Yes, I understand they are going to be picking their own hairstyles etc in no time, but I feel like I might be able to SWAY them for a little big longer.

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