Saturday, June 03, 2017

TWENTY MONTHS {Paloma's Monthly Photo}

HOW HOOOOOOOW are you twenty months?  That is almost TWO years old and I havent't even posted your birth story.  Ay yayay.

Oh my sweet baby girl. You are a girl who knows what she wants, that's for sure! 

You have BLOWN UP in the talking department.  Look at all those words you say...and I'm already remembering some that I missed:  Juice, yes (pronounced sheesh), bus, big, mailman, tu (you), Elmo, play, push, help.....

You call BOTH of your brothers "MANA."  At first we were stumped as to why, but finally we figured it out.  Every night when you go to sleep we tell Mateo y Marcelo "ok, dale un beso a tu hermana"   So now....tus HERMANOS son MANAS!  haha

You also have been calling a lot of people that play with you "mom" Guys and girls???  A term of endearment I suppose. 

Hands down, our favorite thing to do is listen and DANCE to music.  You know how to open Spotify on my phone and flip through the songs.  You leave each song on just enough to do a little dance move then you swipe to the next.  When you get to Master of Puppets, you break out your air guitar.    
Wheels on the bus is a favorite as well, I still need to capture you doing the motions on video.

So. Cute.
So. Beautiful.
So. Loving.
So. Smart.
So. Sweet.
So. TOUGH!!!  (this is what having two brothers will do!)


  1. beautiful post.. but its two months old. Any thing new?

    1. thanks for stopping by....PLEASE check back....Its been a BUSY summer but I have a lot to share!!!!

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